About Us

The GLOBAL TREND is in the business of Customised garment manufacturing since 2004 and has to its list a prestigious list of clients, some of whom the company is doing business since inception.

Tshirt Printing Hyderabad

The company is dedicated to manufacturing and supplying Tshirts and Shirts exclusively for the corporate sector. With its fully equipped in-house facilities for making of both woven and knitted garments [like Tshirts, Shirts, Corporate Logo Shirts, Sweatshirts, Long pants, Shirts, Denim shirts, Printed Tshirts, Caps, etc], the unit also houses printing machine as well as a computerized automatic embroidery machine With an in-house designing team.

The GLOBAL TREND Tshirt Printing Companieshas an unique system whereby the company sends the customers a soft copy of the exact product discussed/finalised so that the customer has a visual idea of Tshirt Screen Printing how their garment would turn out, and give their approval.The logo approval is a process that happens by default, since The GLOBAL TREND realizes that the very purpose of the corporates making the garments Promotional T Shirts is for their brand promotion.

The speciality of The GLOBAL TREND is the wide options offered to the customers in terms of customization. While it is a widespread idea that customization is limited to just adding the company logo to the pre-made garments, The GLOBAL TREND has redefined the term in the corporate sector in the past few years.