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Has anyone ever had a shared sexual experience with a family ...

Anonymous is right, "my sister is the best sex partner I've ever had"! Totally consensual, with permission from significant others, etc. It is just the most blissful sexually fulfilled fantasy ever! Both her husbands had thanked me for 'putting joy back into her life' as it reinvigorated their sex own lives with her each time.

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i have never did anything incestuous or anything like that but I was looking for a subject for a paper and came across an article about how a girl from the age of 14 had sex with her brother for years and I keep hearing it happens more often then you think.

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Somehow, I started skipping school to have sex with him. Somehow, my sister didn't suspect a thing. I feel bad for doing his to my sister, I've told him that I feel bad multiple times, and when I tell him about ending whatever we have, he gets mad and manages to create a distance between me and my sister and nephew.

I am attracted to my brother! Why are me and my brother ...

My sister and I have had other relationships and are married to others, who have no problem with our meeting on occasion. We know other sibling couples who pretend to be married or meet like my sister and I do, when we can. The relationship and sex is unequaled, and our spouses like the essence we come home afterward with as it lasts for months.

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Then I crawl into bed and we pass out. He's not paying attention to me. He's my brother. You don't watch your sister change because she's your sister, not some random girl. I don't feel weird changing with him in the room because I KNOW he's not looking at me.

What do I do? My sister loves me. Too much. Please help ...

Im 22 and i have a 19 yo sister. My relationship with my sister was always very 'intimate'. We were very close since young because we only had each other. She would ask me for relationship/sexual advise and i always help her. She would always say she would stop dating guys because she wanted to ...

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My sister who is a year younger performed oral sex regularly until I moved out. She was the first I had intercourse with, but she liked to swallow my ejaculate. When I was 22 she brought over a girlfriend a few times "to share"

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0 1. Okay, my sister just got dumped by her boyfriend and they were in a relationship for like 6 months and she was sad. I like the big brother I am, go comfort her and say like "you don't need him" and stuff like that. She then says "if only you weren't my brother, you would be a kind and loyal boyfriend". then after a moment of silence, she ...